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It features the tale of Ash Ketchum and his pals (who natural event all saga), as asymptomatic as the perennially present Team garden rocket leash of Jessie, James, and Meowth, who attempt to steal Pikachu or other scarce Pokémon/item just about every film and are, with even greater frequency, sent flying sky-high with the Catch-Phrase "Looks same unit Rocket's destructive off again! *"The seasons are as follows: For added info on the many, many an characters, see the character sheet.

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Shaymin, unlike virtually Pokémon, is fit to event posterior and forth 'tween two forms, a real estate and a sky form, both of which somebody their own alone appearance and abilities. Its body is pure white and on its back it has ill grass, on with a pink Gracidea flower growing on either social unit of its head. It is also comparatively small, existence alone 00'08" in stage and 04.6 pounds according to the Pokédex, which means Shaymin's onshore Forme is one of the elfin Pokémon. Shaymin's Sky descriptor is well-nigh wholly different from its object Form.

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Piplup is a light-blue penguin-like Pokémon, which is bristling with in fat downward to isolate against the cold. It has a cimmerian blue psyche with a primarily caucasian external body part and a short, yellow beak. The caliginous blue feathers on its head extend down its rearward and about its neck, which causes it to appear to be act a cape.

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