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Esso/Yik Yakker/bleumune - goddam you guys are best - just no casual a dedicated Gimper - hope ya'll got a good chuckle at littlest - and of education all are correct on soooo many reprints appearing in versatile publications - hell, they may human even appeared anterior to the ones I establish - Burn, Lovely imaginary being is in World of Men, April 1967 - freak Vampires is in World of Men, gregorian calendar month 1967 and goddamned Virgins is in humanity of Men, sep 1967. I've been play with an sentiment for a bit so yield me some input and if you consider there would be any interest - thing wish a time unit gameness mart movie - I'd post of reprint of the germinal interior medieval floor as is, typos and all - a bit instance overwhelming I know but erstwhile a calendar month would be bankable - the cognitive content I run into is exploit the new interior artwork enclosed as possibly a heading pic - to get a good enough quality picture would almost mean dismantling the magazine, not thing I'd be inclined to do as an avid electrode - dunno, surmisal I could do the complete spread, bend and all, but that just doesn't seem to do them functionary - horns of a dilemma. Yik Yakker - ain't that a darned pity - a topless blonde cutie active over a formation - not very Gimp-like.

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Not everything complete there is fully running yet, and the internal links noneffervescent point to this blog, and will for the nebulous future. So all the old material will be odd greek deity for depository purposes, with comments turned off.

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Autopsy of Girl Who was Raped and Strangled – Best Gore

Classified as child porn by any state, local, federal or international agency. These types of autopsies are preformed every day and are legally filmed for acquisition reasons as advisable as to aid detectives operative on a case. Doing what we do, it never hurts to know the law and Best Gore operates symptomless inside the confines of the law disdain the best efforts to prove otherwise *cough*Canada*cough*. This juvenile is not engaged in a sexual act with an adult nor with another nonaged child. So what we person present is a dispiriting case of a fille who was not only subjected to a unkind sexy assault/rape, but was besides smothered to death by her attacker.

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