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Esso/Yik Yakker/bleumune - deuced you guys are cracking - right no fooling a sacred Gimper - hope ya'll got a groovy chuckle at least - and of course all are proper on soooo many reprints appearing in several publications - hell, they may have smooth appeared anterior to the ones I establish - Burn, Lovely Witch is in group of Men, April 1967 - Monster Vampires is in World of Men, gregorian calendar month 1967 and Damned Virgins is in planetary of Men, gregorian calendar month 1967. I've been toying with an idea for a bit so give me some input and if you consider there would be any power - thing like a every month Gimp agora feature - I'd post of reproduce of the new interior medieval tale as is, typos and all - a bit time period consuming I acknowledge but once a calendar month would be good - the issue I run into is feat the avant-garde interior artwork included as possibly a header pic - to get a goodish grade run down would near land dismantling the magazine, not something I'd be inclined to do as an avid collector - dunno, guess I could do the whole spread, crease and all, but that conscionable doesn't look to do them justice - horns of a dilemma. Yik Yakker - ain't that a damn shame - a topless blond cutie exploit over a cliff - not very Gimp-like.

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Not everything all over location is fully utility yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the coy future. So all the old physical will be left here for archival purposes, with comments upturned off.

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Classified as tike erotica by any state, local, federal or outside agency. These types of autopsies are preformed every day and are legally filmed for educational reasons as fit as to aid detectives working on a case. Doing what we do, it never hurts to know the law and Best execution operates well within the confines of the law despite the best efforts to prove otherwise *cough*Canada*cough*. This child is not in use in a unisexual act with an mortal nor with another underage child. So what we have here is a discouraging circumstance of a girl who was not only subjected to a brutal sexual assault/rape, but was too stifled to change by her attacker.

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